Real Fixed-Mobile Convergence
Total Business Mobility
Maximum flexibility anywhere


The complete solution to unify your communications




Forget about your landlines!

3CX is a mobile IP telephone that allows you to work remotely from anywhere and from any device.

Unlike other solutions, 3CX is online. You have the ability to virtualize your PBX in thecloud. You can access your company contacts online, make calls, video calls or manage your contacts.


3CX centralita de telefonía IP móvil


Connect Wireless is 3CX’s PLATINUM PARTNER, so we can offer you the best service in the installation of the switchboard for your company, its maintenance and support of all your telecommunications.



Easy integration with SIP Trunks suppliers using preconfigured templates.
Automatic configuration thanks to Plug&Play interoperability with IP Phones and Gateways.
Compatibility with IP phones avoiding interoperability problems.
  • Create, edit and delete extensions and DIDs
  • Update the IP Phone Firmware
  • Replenish and reboot IP phones remotely
  • Import or delete all contacts at once
  • CRM Integrations


Administración Fácil


Security in the server configuration

Automatic detection and attack protection

Global Blacklist of IPs

Generation and management of SSL certificates

Limit access to the 3CX Management Console

Traffic to encrypted 3CX Apps 3CX tunnel

Encrypted voice traffic SRTP

VoIP security A rated by SSL

Support at the moment Automatic Failover

Encryption between browser and website HTTPS

On-Premise or Cloud

¡It is your choice!

On-Premise o en la Nube
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Appliance MiniPC
  • Rapsberry Pi
  • Virtualize and manage:
  • Hyper-V, VMware o KVM
  • Cloud PBX:
  • PBX express
  • Wide range of suppliers:
  • Google, Microsoft, AWS…

Costs reduction

¡Up to 80%!

Pay for a PBX and avoid extension license.
Free calls between offices and branch offices.
Reduce outgoing call charges using SIP trunks.
Reduce travel costs with integrated web video conferencing.
Remove 800 number invoices with WebRTC integration.
Economical call price using DIDs and IP Telephony.



Thanks to 3CX, you and your employees will be able to adapt smoothly to the new times. You can make calls from your computer through Windows Softphones and directly from the browser with the Web Client (WebRTC). In addition, 3CX has Apps for iOS and Android so you can work from anywhere with any device. The above three modes have a variety of features, such as Video Conferencing and Live Chat with your customers, which will save you travel costs and time.

Contact Center

With PRO &
Entreprise editions

  • Reports from Contact Center
  • Tapping or listening to calls from agents
  • Develop your own CRM integration with 3CX CRM API
  • Real-time strategies and statistics

Used and validated by a large number of companies

Thousands of companies around the world have trusted 3CX!







Leader clients


“3CX facilitated another step in the digital transformation process of the company. It has enabled us to improve agility, mobility and productivity in all employees and, as a cloud solution, has simplified the suppliers, infrastructure and hardware at COAC across all its locations. Furthermore, we have been able to more efficiently manage our telecommunications costs, resulting in significant savings.”

– Isabel Bellot, Deputy Assistant Director-General and Head of Digital Transformation, COAC

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