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Powered by the world's largest enterprise global Tier-1 network, our joint open, agile, cloud-driven networking solutions will help your business grow across borders with ease. From Ethernet to Global VPN, in emerging or local markets, our services will exceed your expectations.

As Premier Partner of Tata Communications ™, we offer you an international service with the highest coverage and reliability, at the most competitive price, with full local support and a leading digital infrastructure provider, that has been recognised by Gartner™ as a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for the last 6 years.

Start your journey to digitise your business but struggling with legacy systems, managing change & risks. Our comprehensive suite of services  will transform your communications on a secure, scalable, and high-performing network across the Globe. With the predictability of a private network, with SLAs on performance and with security accross all your Internet WAN services.

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We have a team of Telecommunications Engineers dedicated to the design, implementation, operation and optimization of telecommunication networks, which are able to offer the customer the optimal network at the lowest possible cost.

As Wholesaler & Integrator of Telefónica® for Enterprises, we can offer all types of Companies a national service with the highest capillarity and reliability, at the most adjusted price, but with the advantages and services only available in the Large Account Services' Portfolio of Telefonica.

Complementing our Network services, we provide a Business Intelligence system developed specifically to improve the management, monitoring and control of these networks, offering real-time information and key metrics, thereby minimizing the dedication of resources from our Clients.

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MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) technology allows guaranteed levels of security and quality of service under an SLA contract, allowing critical business processes to be supported through a network based on IP technology.

These technological characteristics are transmitted entirely to the Client's Virtual Private network through this service, making it the ideal IP communications infrastructure for the critical business and professional applications of an entity, such as:

  • Intranet, providing global access to network resources between the different locations that make up the company in a safe and reliable way
  • Extranet, expanding a company's own Intranet to its suppliers and / or distributors
  • Video distribution in real time, for conference calls between different sites or virtual training
  • Electronic commerce with security guarantees in transactions
  • Outsourcing of business applications (ERP's, CRM's, ...)
  • Voice over IP, taking advantage of the infrastructure for corporate voice.

Service features & benefits

1. Security

The use of MPLS technology provides a secure mode of transport in itself, with the same levels of security as traditional ATM-based networks, but with all the compatibility and flexibility of IP networks. Security is guaranteed in several aspects:

  • Integrity: the network itself differentiates and isolates traffic by preventing users of the different Virtual Private IP Networks from accessing others.
  • Unauthorized access: In an MPLS-based network, access to unauthorized users is not possible since the entry point to the network is associated with the port used by the client's access equipment and is assigned to the corresponding Virtual Private Network IP .


2. Critical Applications Support

Being connected "all with all" any point of the network can function as a central at any time without additional costs or risks of inactivity.


3. Scalability and Growth

The network infrastructure guarantees significant scalability in the number of sites that make up an Intranet, by not basing its operation on tunnels or virtual circuits, rigid and pre-established, between headquarters..


4. Flexibility

A Virtual Private Network IP (Intranet or Extranet) implemented through MPLS only requires small configuration tasks that associate a new location with its closest point of presence, therefore, the implementation of private networks with other technologies is quite complex in in terms of management and modification (registration, cancellation or change) and can be implemented in phases. .


5. Guaranteed Quality of Service

We can assure our clients, within the guaranteed and even higher percentages, the transport of any type of traffic generated at their headquarters, through SLA's service guarantee contracts


6. Reliability

The connection between two points of the client network is made by routing the packets, so that if a failure occurs at any point in the Data Network, it is reconfigured automatically. Client accesses allow backup configurations with total flexibility so that service availability is increased.

All of these aspects provide our clients with the optimal Virtual IP Private Network platform for the development of our clients' business applications, with commissioning times and very competitive implementation costs.

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